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Oilfield Waste Management


Our facilities are approved by local regulatory bodies including the  AB-AER, BC-MEM, SK-OGR & ND-ICOGD and are used for the injection or disposal of sweet or sour Class Ib and Class II waste streams which include:

  • Produced water, specific common oilfield waste fluids and waste streams meeting specific criteria
  • Saline fluids from oilfield waste processing facilities and operations
  • Blowdown waters
  • Waste fluids from drilling operations and the liquid fraction of drilling muds.
  • Spent workover or stimulations fluids (after neutralization or processing to recover hydrocarbons)
  • Amine filter backwash, liquid fractions of spent sweetening agents and glycol solutions
  • Acidic or alkaline, inhibitor and oxygen scavenger solutions with limited heavy metal concentrations.
  • All other fluids meeting specific pH, flash point, heavy metal and organic halide criteria

Per ERCB Directive 058

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