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Oilfield Water Disposal


Our facilities are approved by local regulatory bodies including the  AB-AER, BC-MEM, SK-OGR & ND-ICOGD and are used for the injection or disposal of sweet or sour produced water and brine or brine equivalent* fluids including:

  • produced water associated with the production of oil, bitumen, gas or coaled methane
  • brine from salt cavern or solution mining operations
  • water based pigging fluids from cleaning of collection and injection lines
  • brine reject from backwash from water softeners associated with enhanced recovery
  • water containing polymers or other chemicals for enhanced recovery
  • waste fluids from circulation during well cementing
  • CaCl2 water
  • brine equivalent*

Per ERCB Directive 051 Page 8

Analysis may be required to confirm Waste Stream products.

It is up to the producer / waste generator to characterize and classify their waste streams. Descriptions and product will be subject to audit by Aqua Terra at the time of receipt to confirm compliance by both parties.

* Brine equivalent – Aqueous salt solutions that are equivalent to produced water by comparison to production fluid


Disposal of salt water and brine equivalent water as recovered from oilfield drilling, completion and production operations.

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